Heavy Duty Pallet Racks

  • Heavy Duty Pallet Racks

  • Heavy Duty Pallet Racks

Heavyduty pallet racks are widely used for warehousing and raised storage applications. Heavyduty Pallet racking system is provided with a highraise design and could be supplied upto height of 10 Mts maximum with specified load capacity to suit the requirement of the client. The pallets per locations can be 2-4 Nos depending on the size of the pallets. This design provides a effective utilisation of the roof heights of the buildings.

Also can be used for cold storages with a galvanised finish provided to widhstand deep freeze temperatures.

Pallet racks are operated with equipments such as stackers, forklifts, VNA Reach trucks etc.. depending on the requirement and system design.

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